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Vacuum conveyors transport powder, dust, pigments, granulated material, tablets, capsules, small parts etc. in a suction air stream under vacuum through hoses or pipes. They are easy to install and to operate. Even if leakages occur, no product can get into the environment because of the vacuum.

Thilo Volkmann heads the company since 1991 and is the second generation. Today, Volkmann is a specialist in the transport and handling of bulk materials.

Flow Diagram

They are easy to install and quite simple to operate. Working with negative pressure below atmospheric conditions, they help to keep the production environment clean and prevent spill of material.Due to constant improvement in technology, avoidence of explosion risks by design and a focus on good working sanitary solutions, Vacuum Conveyors today are a preferred choice in many industries: They are capable to transfer nano-sized material and fine dust with only 0,1 µm up to bigger sized tablets, candy or bottle caps. They are good for highly abrasive powders, mixtures, light filling materials like fumed silica with only  0,05 kg/l bulk density, but work as well with metal powders with a bulk density of 10 kg/l.
Odoo • Een foto met een geweldige onderschrift